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Weigh-In Wednesday: Small Changes Work for Me

2 May

It’s time to check in with our progress again, which is always the least fun part of losing weight, in my opinion. Even if I see progress is made, doing the actual measurements is a painful process for me. I much prefer the cooking and other activities we do to make dieting and losing weight enjoyable.

I am seeing small differences in my body but not enough for my old jeans to fit yet, unfortunately. These small changes we’ve been making to our eating habits do seem to be helping but as soon as my foot is healed, I’m ready to ramp up my efforts. I am super excited that Vita got Zumba for Kinect for us to try. I think that now that we’ve incorporated so many little changes to help us lose weight–smaller portions, healthier food, buddy system, etc.–it’s time to really devote more attention to increasing my physical activity beyond daily stretching.

No more stalling. Here are the numbers for my third Diet Drop weigh-in: Continue reading

Weigh-In Wednesday: Dropping Centimeters

4 Apr

Today is our scheduled first weigh-in since we launched Diet Drop. Vita was sneaky and did her measurements while I was out of town visiting family. You can read about her progress in her post, “Bye Bye 1/2 Inch.” I’m so happy for her that she’s seeing results. When I saw her post–while I was eating tons of Peruvian food with my in-laws in New Jersey–I felt excited for her, proud of her, and scared that I wouldn’t see the same results in my own numbers. For the past month, I’ve dropped bread and soda almost completely, I’ve adjusted my meals to include more veggies than carbs, and I’ve tried to eat less. These small changes–and working on this blog with Vita–have improved my outlook and attitude toward weight loss and myself. But this is so obviously just the beginning.

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