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Work or Workout?

23 Apr

Yesterday I had to work on one photo shoot and needed an assistant. Michelle, of course being the great friend that she is, agreed to help me out. I only needed an assistant to hold a reflector during the shoot, but it turned out to be a whole workout for both of us. The area where the shoot took place had a hill-y landscape, and during those two hours we were constantly hiking from one spot to another. To top it off, we had two quite heavy bags of equipment, which I was trying to balance between the two of us as much as I could, but most of the time Michelle had to carry it while I was running around with the camera trying to capture the shots. I felt really bad for her since she still struggles with her sprained tendons and inflammation in her heel, and I knew such a hike and weight carrying doesn’t do any good either. However, I could see her strong personality through the whole time of the shoot, even if she was tired she didn’t show a bit of it and was very encouraging toward my work.

Photo shoots can take from two to five hours, and usually during the shoot itself you, as a part of the photographer’s team, might not realize how tiring it can be because you are constantly involved in the production. However, the minute it’s over and you sit down to relax, you realize how generally tired you got. By the time we finished, it was already late afternoon and we were pretty hungry. On our way back I remembered that there was one little sushi restaurant where I used to go quite often and I couldn’t resist stopping by that place once again to try their fresh, great sushi. We ordered Alaska roll, avocado roll, and various sushi to share. Unfortunately, we left all my photo equipment in the car and all we had to take pictures with was Michelle’s cell phone.

On our way back we stopped at the store to get a bottle of our favorite moscato wine. It was the perfect end of a great day. We had quite a workout, had a great healthy late lunch that lead to skipped dinner, and the weather was perfect to sit on our patio and enjoy the glass of wine talking the evening away!


— Vita :)

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