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No Pain, No Gain

14 May

When you’re trying to lose weight, there are days when you’re hungry, cranky, and sore. I’m hungry and sore today…and I’d be cranky too if it weren’t so darn beautiful and sunny outside. Our perspective on healthy weight loss has been to not deprive ourselves of things we want but to instead focus on moderation and nutritious choices. But when you’re modifying your portion sizes and eating habits, inevitably there are days when you’re going to feel frustrated. To get through this mood without letting it sabotage my progress, I’m going to try this today: Continue reading

Getting a Leg Up

26 Apr

I’m having severe pain from plantar fasciitis and a subsequent cortisone shot in my heel. Since I can hardly walk, I’m stuck in bed or on the couch feeling lame. To make the best of it, I set up my computer in the living room and pillows to prop my leg up, and then I used my awkward positioning to help me stretch throughout the day. Injuries can be a real setback when you’re trying to lose weight because your physical activity is limited. But movement of any kind is better than no movement at all, and stretching is the easiest way to maintain mobility. It also just feels good.

As long as I kept weight off my foot and didn’t overextend the nerves in my leg, I didn’t feel pain so much as discomfort and tingling. If I did anything to tweak the nerve in my heel, I’d yelp and wince in pain, so I was very careful.

Stretch #1

I sat in the middle of the couch with the long coffee table parallel to it in front of me. My injured foot was propped up on a pillow on the table to my far left. My normal leg was positioned the same way to my right. Slowly, I’d lean toward each side with my arm outstretched in front of me, toward my foot, or over my head. I’d relax back to take a break, then tuck in my tummy, sit up, and repeat. It helped take the pressure off my lower spine and loosen my shoulders, in addition to stretching my legs and arms.

Stretch #2

With my legs comfortably relaxed in front of me and my feet flat on the floor, I scooted up so I was sitting on the front edge of the couch where there was the most support. Then I straightened up, sucking my stomach in toward my lower back, and maintaining good posture. I stretched my arms out and slowly rotated to each side and then raised my arms above my head before relaxing down and repeating.

Beyond that, I couldn’t do much, and I had to take a lot of breaks (the best was my lunch break to eat some of Vita’s borsch!). But it did make me feel like less of a lump. Sitting around all day with an injury can add a lot of pressure to your back. Stretching in any form really helps, even in its mildest form.

–Michelle :)

Prehistoric Monster Syndrome

6 Apr
Monster drawing by Sydney Padua of London.

Illustration credit: http://www.sydneypadua.com.

That’s right, you all know what I’m going to rant about right now, the ugly truth of PMS. Therefore I think it would be wise to note that this post is intended for ladies’ read only. :)

When I was younger I have never had any symptoms, except for the first day’s cramps. No mood swings, no crankiness, no weight fluctuations accompanied by bloated stomach, no body aches, no general tiredness. In fact, I even thought that this syndrome was a myth, created by women as an excuse for some of their behaviors. How naive I was. If somebody told me that now, I might just punch that person in the face. As you can see currently I am going through some of the crankiness. It’s the fifth day of an uncontrollable depressed mood for me, and there’s nothing I can do to make it better. I already warned my dearest understanding husband about an upcoming monster attack; he is sweet though, he turns my every snap into a joke and makes me laugh, gently diffusing the situation. However, I understand that every person has his limits, and God knows I don’t want to test his, that’s why I’m trying to control myself as much as I possibly can.

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