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Leftover Easter Ham Recipe #2: Ham & Pepper Jack Quesadillas

12 Apr

I’ve used leftover ham to make paninis before but since I’m trying to eat as little bread as possible, I thought I’d come up with a quesadilla instead.

Ham & Pepper Jack Quesadillas

Ham and Pepper Jack Quesadillas on corn tortillas with tomatoes, black olives, and a thin spread of BBQ sauce. Yum!

This combination of flavors came out so great! It almost reminded me of a Hawaiian-style pizza with Canadian bacon and pineapple. Ham is such a good meat to experiment with because it has such a sweet, distinct flavor. It lends itself well to many meals. These quesadillas are yummy and light. They make a great snack or lunch (depending on how many you eat, of course). [Also check out Leftover Easter Ham Recipe #1 and stay tuned for Leftover Easter Ham Recipe #3.]


– thinly sliced leftover ham

– thinly sliced pepper jack cheese

– thinly sliced tomatoes (three slices per quesadilla)

– chopped black olives

– BBQ sauce

– small corn tortillas

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Visually Tricking Your Hunger

24 Mar

Since the beginning of Project Diet Drop, I started to cut down on my meal portions, eating from 1/3 to 1/2 of what I’d eat before, and giving myself around 20 minutes to see if I’d want any extra. It’s an old trick, because usually that’s how long it takes for a meal to start digesting, and therefore the need to eat more disappears. And sure enough, I do not go for extra, I just allow myself room for a choice without any restrictions (that’s the reason why all strict diet plans always fail for me). They also advise people to eat on a smaller plate, which visually makes your portion look bigger. Well, I decided to implement another technique: I put this smaller portion onto a full dinner plate and fill out the rest of the empty space with bulky cauliflower,  broccoli, or salad. We all know that we mainly eat with our eyes, and it helps to see big plate full of food in front of you rather than small one. It definitely works for me!

I also read about a couple of other tricks that you can use to help yourself lose some weight:

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