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No Pain, No Gain

14 May

When you’re trying to lose weight, there are days when you’re hungry, cranky, and sore. I’m hungry and sore today…and I’d be cranky too if it weren’t so darn beautiful and sunny outside. Our perspective on healthy weight loss has been to not deprive ourselves of things we want but to instead focus on moderation and nutritious choices. But when you’re modifying your portion sizes and eating habits, inevitably there are days when you’re going to feel frustrated. To get through this mood without letting it sabotage my progress, I’m going to try this today: Continue reading

10 Ways Ice Skating Improved My Life

20 Apr
cropped layback spin feet

Figure skating has been one of the greatest joys of my life. It can be for you too! --Michelle (And yes, those are my legs and skates.)

I skated competitively as a kid for about 11 years before I took 9 years off due to knee trouble (Osgood-Schlatter’s condition) and to focus on school. During that time, I missed skating…and I gained a significant amount of weight. I skated occasionally for recreation and to stay limber but it wasn’t enough. I tried other types of exercise like running and yoga but nothing moved me like skating, and I didn’t stick with any of it. Then a few years ago, I called up my coach and asked him if he’d help me with some light training so that I could get back into shape. Within six months, he had me back in the skating club biannual recital and gearing up for competition. Within 18 months, I had won a couple local competitions. You see, while I was away from the sport, a whole track of testing and competition had been developed for a growing population of adult skaters–both people who started skating as adults and people, like me, who were skaters who became adults. This scene allows people 21 and up to test and compete within different age groups in levels similar to the traditional track but without the pressure of competing against kids who are working toward the regular national qualifying competition scene (e.g. 9 year olds who can do double loop jumps because they only weigh 60 pounds). Adult figure skating has its own regional competitions in which you can qualify for the adult nationals, which is my ultimate goal now.

I tried living my life without this sport and I can’t do it. It’s too ingrained into my muscle memory and my heart. No other workout provides the same level of full-body involvement for the duration of the exercise. It’s such a challenging, rewarding, and thrilling sport that taps into the dancer and artist in me. But it also is the only kind of exercise I’ve ever experienced that is so fun that I don’t think about the fact that I’m exercising; I’m only focused on trying to do the spins, jumps, or edge moves that I want to be able to do. I can’t encourage people enough to give it a real try. It’s so fun. When the cool air whooshes past my face as I skate around the rink, I feel exhilarated and joyful. Yesterday was my first day back on the ice in a month due to a sprained foot and being back felt so good that I had a really stupid big grin on my face the whole time.

Here are 10 ways that skating has improved my life, myself, and ways it could do the same for you (in no particular order): Continue reading

My 5 Reasons to Lose Weight!

19 Apr

Reasons to lose weight–e.g. to get in shape, to be healthy, etc.–are common among many different types of people. But the reasons behind those reasons are the personal differences that really drive us. Today seems like a good day to check in with my goals.

We’ve been doing the Diet Drop project for nearly two months and while we haven’t lost pounds yet, we have each lost a noticeable half inch (see category: Weigh-Ins) around the middle and we’ve experienced positive changes emotionally from doing this together. When we first started this blog, I was lonely, at least 25 pounds heavier than I was at my wedding 18 months ago, and feeling stuck in a rut and discouraged. Now, I’m so happy to be doing this blog and spending time with Vita; I’ve lost half an inch, which motivates me to continue; and I feel optimistic about our potential progress moving forward. Even though we are close friends and share both a desire to lose weight and an anti-diet approach to losing weight, we have different reasons behind wanting to do this [for related posts, read About Us, Meet Vita, and Meet Michelle]. Here are mine: Continue reading

Family Eating Habits That Shape Us

22 Mar

There’s no denying that our environment and social behavior affects how and what we eat. Social eating as a separate issue will be a future post on this blog. But let’s start with a look at how we were raised to eat. Below, we both share descriptions of how our families approached meal options when we were growing up and how our perceptions of those choices affect our own approach to food now. We look forward to sharing how our meal-creating skills evolve as we continue to pursue our weight loss goals. [By the way, does chasing weight loss goals burn calories? ;) ]

Michelle’s Family:

I was fortunate, in a way, that I grew up with a few picky eaters in my family because they never forced me to eat anything I didn’t like or made me clean my plate if I was already full. My mom, for example, is lactose intolerant and has trouble eating many types of vegetables, so she has to get creative to keep up a balanced, nutritious diet. However, she is a wonderful mother, so when I was very little she wanted me to try lots of different foods to learn what I liked. Continue reading

Exercise For Fun, Weight Loss Will Follow!

16 Mar

The concept of losing weight is pretty simple: eat less, exercise more, right? Absolutely! With the first part, I’m definitely on the right path, however I have a little problem with second. I’ve never been a fan of physical activities unless it’s a sports game. You see, when I was a kid I went through the whole spectrum of classes: hockey, basketball, swimming, water polo, and in high school I was on the volleyball team. I find it exciting to exercise for fun, but working out for the sake of it not so much. Jogging or hiking is just not my cup of tea, and a gym membership is usually a waste of money, no matter how many times I have tried to start it over. I still have weights at home, cute little pink three-pounders, which I bought few years back in the desperate hope that one day I’ll sculpt my arms to perfection. I don’t remember touching them even once though. I always blamed my lack of desire to exercise on my high blood pressure. I get dramatically red even within five minutes of any activity and can hear my heart pumping like it’s connected to an amplifier. But that never stopped me from having a blast playing tennis or any other game, so I guess it’s just a matter of me simply being bored while exercising. I can honestly say that over the years, I have tried.  Continue reading

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