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Avoiding Emotional Eating: How to Distract Yourself from Unhealthy Snacking

10 May
loco at computer

Just me and my cat today, hard at work at my desk. As long as he lays on my arm, I can’t use it to snack. ;)

Today isn’t easy for me. I’m stressed about my freelance work, I’m applying for full-time work with no call-backs yet, I’m still too sore to exercise much, and my friends are busy so it’s just me and the cat. I’m so tempted to gorge on candy, Pop Tarts, nachos, ice cream, or chili-cheese fries. Fortunately, we don’t have any of that in the house right now. I’m about to go run some errands and I know I’m going to want to stop at a fast food drive-thru, which I also know I don’t really want to do (see this post: Dropping the Drive-Thru). To help myself not eat my way through this stressful day, I’m making this list of distractions and reasons to avoid temptation. I hope it helps you too. Continue reading

Grocery Shopping: Girls versus Guys

28 Mar

My husband and I share everything and enjoy doing most things together. Grocery shopping together, however, is a different matter. It’s usually a lot of work to do this task together because we have such different approaches to the chore. To get around our differences, we either split the shopping list and meet at the check-out line or one of us just goes alone. Since Vita and I have started this anti-diet weight loss project however, I’ve realized that I have a lot more fun–and am a better shopper–when she and I go to the grocery store together than when I go alone or with my husband.

When I compare the different outcomes, It’s obvious, at least in my case, that my shopping habits not only reflect my eating habits, but also my moods. Because of this correlation, I’ve decided to give more thought to how I time my trips to the store rather than just focusing on making a detailed shopping list.

Let me breakdown the differences in grocery shopping style. Here are typical examples of what happens in these different shopping scenarios:

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One is the Loneliest Number…When You’re Dieting

20 Mar

I’ve been working from home for just over a year and a half now and it seems like the adjustment period from cubicle office life to home office life just won’t end, although it is getting better. I’ve known for years that my job as a writer/editor keeps me glued to my computer and chair for too many hours in the day, so I’ve always tried to counter that with some movement. In the office, I would take the stairs several flights throughout the day, walk during lunch, take mini-breaks to walk across the office to visit a coworker, etc. But working from home, I didn’t have stairs to take or coworkers to walk to lunch with. I struggled to find ways to keep a routine. I found myself not even leaving the house for two days in a row sometimes. I was becoming depressed from feeling isolated without even realizing it…and eating a lot in the process. This problem with adjusting to my new environment manifested itself in the form of about 20 pounds that still encircles my hips.

Then, one day…

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