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Weigh-In Wednesday: Small Changes Work for Me

2 May

It’s time to check in with our progress again, which is always the least fun part of losing weight, in my opinion. Even if I see progress is made, doing the actual measurements is a painful process for me. I much prefer the cooking and other activities we do to make dieting and losing weight enjoyable.

I am seeing small differences in my body but not enough for my old jeans to fit yet, unfortunately. These small changes we’ve been making to our eating habits do seem to be helping but as soon as my foot is healed, I’m ready to ramp up my efforts. I am super excited that Vita got Zumba for Kinect for us to try. I think that now that we’ve incorporated so many little changes to help us lose weight–smaller portions, healthier food, buddy system, etc.–it’s time to really devote more attention to increasing my physical activity beyond daily stretching.

No more stalling. Here are the numbers for my third Diet Drop weigh-in: Continue reading

My 5 Reasons to Lose Weight!

19 Apr

Reasons to lose weight–e.g. to get in shape, to be healthy, etc.–are common among many different types of people. But the reasons behind those reasons are the personal differences that really drive us. Today seems like a good day to check in with my goals.

We’ve been doing the Diet Drop project for nearly two months and while we haven’t lost pounds yet, we have each lost a noticeable half inch (see category: Weigh-Ins) around the middle and we’ve experienced positive changes emotionally from doing this together. When we first started this blog, I was lonely, at least 25 pounds heavier than I was at my wedding 18 months ago, and feeling stuck in a rut and discouraged. Now, I’m so happy to be doing this blog and spending time with Vita; I’ve lost half an inch, which motivates me to continue; and I feel optimistic about our potential progress moving forward. Even though we are close friends and share both a desire to lose weight and an anti-diet approach to losing weight, we have different reasons behind wanting to do this [for related posts, read About Us, Meet Vita, and Meet Michelle]. Here are mine: Continue reading

Vita’s Style Improvement

30 Mar

Even three years ago, as ashamed as I am to admit it, I did not have any style of my own. I was totally lost in any trends, fashion, design, or style that every time I was going to the mall, I didn’t know what to buy. My idea of a style was whatever feels comfortable, pretty much jeans and T-shirts. It was a loneliness factor, which I intend to write about in a separate post, but nevertheless I was at total loss. It wasn’t until I was living with three other gals that I started to pick up ideas of some style. At that time I was a plain canvas ready for them to experiment on with some colors and textures and designs.

Continue reading

Rainy Day Adventure — Michelle’s Story

26 Mar

We decided it’d be fun to do more joint posts so that you can get a more intimate look at our friendship and have fun hearing about the same day from two points of view (giving you the Rashomon effect). Enjoy!


Sunday was a blustery, rainy day in Los Angeles. Normally such dark, ominous, wet weather makes me want to curl up on the couch with a blanket and an old movie. I appreciate rain but I prefer to not be cold and wet. However, Sunday was different. Vita and I had planned to go check out a JCPenney because they’re advertising new rebranding efforts as an always-affordable, no-gimmicks kind of store and we both wanted to look at dresses (I haven’t decided yet what I’m wearing to a big party next weekend). We both thought we knew where there was a JCP near our neighborhood…but we were both wrong.

Continue reading

Vita’s Weight Loss Milestones or Little Fantasies Never Hurt No One

7 Mar

When you consciously decide to lose weight the greatest motivation, besides the support of your best friend with whom you decide to drop weight together, is imagining a little rewards for yourself when you reach certain milestones. You can set your goals based on pounds, inches or clothing sizes dropped. In my case I decided to go with a pounds, probably because the number seems in my mind as the most dramatic one.

Here are my milestones:  Continue reading

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