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Vicarious Vacation Eating

13 Mar

I love my grandparents more than I can describe but I usually don’t need to eat for two to three days after they’ve visited because I’m so full from a week of over-indulging. Vita has been a great co-blogger and friend this past week by doing the bulk of the writing and by not judging me every time I came home this week bloated from eating an In ‘N’ Out cheeseburger with animal fries and a Fosters Freeze sundae (three times in one week–yikes!). It’s a bittersweet dilemma when relatives or friends visit from out of town. They’re on vacation…and it ends up feeling like you are too. When you’re showing them around town, you’re going to end up eating with them a lot. And since they’re the guests, they get to pick what and where to eat.

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