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Weigh-In Wednesday #4: My Just Desserts

6 Jun
cell phone pic of chocolate bars and cakes

I can’t seem to get enough chocolate this week. I’ll re-weigh and re-measure next week to get an accurate reading. ;)

When it comes to weight loss, even anti-diet dieting, it really reap what you sow. This is the fourth month since we started our Diet Drop project to lose weight through healthy eating choices, fun exercise, friendship, and no self-sabotaging diet plans or unrealistic goals. So far, I’ve lost just a little bit of weight (read more in the previous Weigh-Ins entries) and I’ve had a lot of fun. But this past month–as the numbers show–I’ve slacked off:

Every number–overall weight, arms, waist, hips, thighs, etc.–is the same as last month!

I should just be happy I haven’t gained anything. Especially since this past week has been a particularly difficult week to resist indulging in anything chocolate. It is hard for women to get an accurate reading for their weight at specific times of the month, which is why I plan to re-weigh and measure myself next week just to be sure. Women should always rely on an average weight calculation rather than a specific day for an accurate reading, in my opinion. But the proof is in the pudding (chocolate pudding, of course): I haven’t lost anything most likely because the truth is I have not been exercising enough lately to burn off more calories than I’ve consumed. If I increase my activity level, as summer so wonderfully encourages us to do, I’m sure I’ll see my measurements and weight start to drop again.

What are your thoughts on regular weigh-ins and how do you mark your own progress? I can’t wait to fit into my old jeans and other cute clothes that are two sizes too small. As part of my summer plans, I’m going to dedicate one hour a day to listening to an album and doing some form of exercise at the same time. Today, it’s Robert Johnson Delta Blues music and Pilates and yoga moves on a mat in my living room with the sunlight shining in.


Weigh-In Wednesday: Small Changes Work for Me

2 May

It’s time to check in with our progress again, which is always the least fun part of losing weight, in my opinion. Even if I see progress is made, doing the actual measurements is a painful process for me. I much prefer the cooking and other activities we do to make dieting and losing weight enjoyable.

I am seeing small differences in my body but not enough for my old jeans to fit yet, unfortunately. These small changes we’ve been making to our eating habits do seem to be helping but as soon as my foot is healed, I’m ready to ramp up my efforts. I am super excited that Vita got Zumba for Kinect for us to try. I think that now that we’ve incorporated so many little changes to help us lose weight–smaller portions, healthier food, buddy system, etc.–it’s time to really devote more attention to increasing my physical activity beyond daily stretching.

No more stalling. Here are the numbers for my third Diet Drop weigh-in: Continue reading

Weigh-In Wednesday: Dropping Centimeters

4 Apr

Today is our scheduled first weigh-in since we launched Diet Drop. Vita was sneaky and did her measurements while I was out of town visiting family. You can read about her progress in her post, “Bye Bye 1/2 Inch.” I’m so happy for her that she’s seeing results. When I saw her post–while I was eating tons of Peruvian food with my in-laws in New Jersey–I felt excited for her, proud of her, and scared that I wouldn’t see the same results in my own numbers. For the past month, I’ve dropped bread and soda almost completely, I’ve adjusted my meals to include more veggies than carbs, and I’ve tried to eat less. These small changes–and working on this blog with Vita–have improved my outlook and attitude toward weight loss and myself. But this is so obviously just the beginning.

Continue reading

Bye Bye 1/2 Inch, We Won’t Miss You Here!

31 Mar

I couldn’t wait until Wednesday, when Michelle and I are supposed to do our measurements again, and instead sneakily did it this morning, and oh boy, was that a good morning for me?! :) I have lost half an inch of the most important measurements so far. Here are the numbers from roughly a month ago and now:

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Scales Must Be Broken!

6 Mar

Admitting your weight, even pronouncing it out loud, is not the easiest thing to do, especially when you are starting your weight loss battle. To be absolutely honest I do not even own a scale at home because I consider it as a tremendously traumatic tool, and I could never understand how people have a scales in their bathrooms. Isn’t the world cruel enough already? Of course, deep in my mind I have nothing but admiration for these people’s bravery. Although, I think if you are to put a scales somewhere in your home, that place should be the kitchen, right next to the fridge, surely not the bathroom. In fact, they should invent new type of fridge that won’t open until you step onto the scale, and make it talk to you with a programmable choice of voices. I’d program mine to the voice of Sergeant Hartman from “Full Metal Jacket.” Continue reading

The Weighting is the Hardest Part

6 Mar

It seems like waiting for weight to drop when you are dieting is an excruciatingly slow process. And the actual weigh-ins during the process are excruciatingly painful for me. I have really gotten hung up on numbers (calories, pounds, inches) in the past and been way too hard on myself about it. Other diet advice sources will tell you to only weigh yourself in the morning or weigh yourself on the same day and time each month to get a more accurate average. But stepping on the scale, even for this fun project, made me feel a little sick to my stomach and I felt a surge or sarcastic bitterness in my attitude for the following hour until I told myself that’s a stupid waste of energy. This is one of the points of Diet Drop. We’re tackling these idiosyncrasies and struggles together in order to see this whole process through to getting to our goal weights or shapes.

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