Avoiding Emotional Eating: How to Distract Yourself from Unhealthy Snacking

10 May
loco at computer

Just me and my cat today, hard at work at my desk. As long as he lays on my arm, I can’t use it to snack. ;)

Today isn’t easy for me. I’m stressed about my freelance work, I’m applying for full-time work with no call-backs yet, I’m still too sore to exercise much, and my friends are busy so it’s just me and the cat. I’m so tempted to gorge on candy, Pop Tarts, nachos, ice cream, or chili-cheese fries. Fortunately, we don’t have any of that in the house right now. I’m about to go run some errands and I know I’m going to want to stop at a fast food drive-thru, which I also know I don’t really want to do (see this post: Dropping the Drive-Thru). To help myself not eat my way through this stressful day, I’m making this list of distractions and reasons to avoid temptation. I hope it helps you too.

  • I’ve been losing an average of half an inch in my thickest areas per month so far. I want to keep losing weight. I want to fit into my old clothes. To encourage myself, I’m making myself look cute (make-up, favorite bracelet and earrings, sundress) just to go out running errands instead of wearing sweats or workout clothes. It definitely makes me feel better.
  • I didn’t get to everything on my calorie-burning cleaning list yesterday, so I can do at least one or two of those tasks before indulging in any snacks or sweets. It’s doubly productive.
  • If I’m getting the urge to eat something unhealthy, I’m going to drink a whole glass of water and stretch for a few minutes first. If I’m still hungry after that, I’m going to have some tuna and crackers.
  • One of the best ways I know to keep myself from snacking for a while is to paint my nails. Once my work is done, I’m going to paint my nails this afternoon. That’ll keep my hands busy for enough time to hopefully get past the snack cravings and forget why I wanted to eat crap in the first place.
  • It is a beautiful day outside, so if it’s not too hot, maybe I’ll take some work or a book outside for a while with a glass of water and enjoy the fresh air. Being cooped up in an office, especially a home office, makes it too easy to just sit and munch.
  • I still need to go to the grocery store today. The worst thing I could do is go hungry so I’ll go after having the tuna and crackers so that I don’t get confused in the store about what we need and what I think I want. And since the weather is so warm now, I’ll buy some popsicles. That will satiate my craving for sweets and they’re low in calories. You can get great fruit popsicles that are low in sugar and they make an excellent summertime snack. They take a long time to eat and taste great. It’s a cool trick for the brain and stomach.

Wish me luck! I need all I can get. Please share your own distractions from overindulging in the comments section!



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