My First Experience With Vegan Raw Food

3 May

Last Saturday our good friend invited us to try a new restaurant that he got a coupon from. We didn’t even know where we are going until practically the last minute; all he told us was, “This is a new place and you guys are gonna love it!” There were four guys and me in our group and it was hard for them to resist making snarky comments when they realized that we had arrived at a vegan restaurant. Even though I was quite skeptical about it, I decided to reserve my judgement until I was done with my food.

We started with drinks, which I thought were pretty good. For example, I ordered a delicious coconut cocktail, which consisted of muddled limes, fresh coconut water, and raw sugar cane. It was sweet and refreshing at the same time! Our food arrived one plate at a time, which I thought was kind of weird. When one person was eating his food others observed him like an experimental mouse trying to make sense of every emotion on his face. It was a Caesar salad, and after trying a little bit of it I should say as much as I despise lettuce, this salad was pretty good because of the their special dressing. By the time the other food arrived, that person was already finished with his salad and was observing us in his turn. I ordered the Pesto wrap, which was pretty much a bunch of greens seasoned with that dressing and wrapped in the collard leaf. This time I felt that I was the experimental rabbit. What I remember most from the vegan experience is that their sauces were mighty good. I guess you have to create some really tasty sauces in order to “spice” up those plain greens. I wasn’t able to chew on that collard leaf any longer there and took half of that salad home, which I mixed with rice and eggs in the morning and had myself some yummy breakfast.

Did I like that type of cuisine? I’d say I wouldn’t be committing myself to it, however I can appreciate it once in a while. No matter how super healthy that food is thought to be, I think that a balanced nutrition menu is key, and I wouldn’t deprive myself from a protein source, which I haven’t noticed even a trace of in their menu. I am planning though to get myself a whole bunch of those sauce recipes and start making it at home as I think it’s much healthier, and definitely tastier, than any other dressings.

All the best,

– Vita :)

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