Weigh-In Wednesday: Small Changes Work for Me

2 May

It’s time to check in with our progress again, which is always the least fun part of losing weight, in my opinion. Even if I see progress is made, doing the actual measurements is a painful process for me. I much prefer the cooking and other activities we do to make dieting and losing weight enjoyable.

I am seeing small differences in my body but not enough for my old jeans to fit yet, unfortunately. These small changes we’ve been making to our eating habits do seem to be helping but as soon as my foot is healed, I’m ready to ramp up my efforts. I am super excited that Vita got Zumba for Kinect for us to try. I think that now that we’ve incorporated so many little changes to help us lose weight–smaller portions, healthier food, buddy system, etc.–it’s time to really devote more attention to increasing my physical activity beyond daily stretching.

No more stalling. Here are the numbers for my third Diet Drop weigh-in:

Height: Still 5’8″ ;)

Weight: Still 201 :(  No change, but haven’t gained anything either, so that’s good.

Arm: Still 13″ This area is going to require more focused attention.

Bust: Still 39″

Waist: 34″ I lost another half-inch! Yea! I thought I was seeing a difference but it’s nice to know that I’m not imagining it. :)

Hips: 42 1/2″ I lost an entire inch!!! This is a big deal for me because this is the area that I want to lose most. I dislike my “spare tire” the most of all my physical flaws.

Buttocks: 46 1/2″ I lost a half-inch! Things are shaping up!

Thigh: 28″ Down a half-inch also! :D

They may be small increments, but these changes are exciting for me. I want to tone up and fit into my old clothes so bad. I want to feel fit and strong, not bluppy and lumpy. This is the second weigh-in in a row that I’ve logged losses in key areas of my body, which makes me feel validated in my optimism about this project and our progress with it. I think the next phase is to increase our physical activity to further boost our metabolism.

Share with us how your weight loss efforts are going in the comments section. Or, if you have questions about what we’re doing, let us know! Hang in there with us!

–Michelle :)

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