My 5 Reasons to Lose Weight!

19 Apr

Reasons to lose weight–e.g. to get in shape, to be healthy, etc.–are common among many different types of people. But the reasons behind those reasons are the personal differences that really drive us. Today seems like a good day to check in with my goals.

We’ve been doing the Diet Drop project for nearly two months and while we haven’t lost pounds yet, we have each lost a noticeable half inch (see category: Weigh-Ins) around the middle and we’ve experienced positive changes emotionally from doing this together. When we first started this blog, I was lonely, at least 25 pounds heavier than I was at my wedding 18 months ago, and feeling stuck in a rut and discouraged. Now, I’m so happy to be doing this blog and spending time with Vita; I’ve lost half an inch, which motivates me to continue; and I feel optimistic about our potential progress moving forward. Even though we are close friends and share both a desire to lose weight and an anti-diet approach to losing weight, we have different reasons behind wanting to do this [for related posts, read About Us, Meet Vita, and Meet Michelle]. Here are mine:

1. Skating.

Do you have a sport, hobby, or pastime that not only nourishes part of your soul but also feels like a natural, instinctual part of you? That’s how much I love figure skating. I touched on my history with the sport in earlier posts (see links above) but I really need to devote a whole post to skating and how wonderful it is for a person’s body and spirit. I found out using a calories-burned calculator that one 45-minute session of my level of skating can burn as much as 600 calories! My ultimate goals these days in terms of skating are to pass my next freestyle test and to medal at Adult Nationals (I’ve medaled at Adult Regionals but haven’t made Adult Nationals yet). Three things are holding me back: finances (skating is expensive), injury (I’ve been dealing with foot sprains for two months), and my weight. There are just certain spin positions you can’t get into if you’re carrying excess weight. My coach told me, “Lose it now while you can because it gets progressively harder the older you get.” Plus, I would love to not see my bulging spare tire on my hips in my skating clothes…which brings me to my next reason…

2. Clothing.

I have a bunch of clothes that are great but now too small. I don’t have the money or desire to go buy new clothes just because my old clothes don’t fit. I love my clothes and there’s just a couple sizes worth of weight to lose before I can wear them all again. That’s motivation I can wake up and see every morning (in the closet). Thank goodness my feet haven’t gained weight because I’d go crazy if I couldn’t wear my cute shoes either. :)

3. General health.

Healthy eating and regular exercise are supposed to increase your overall health and the strength of your immune system. That’s what I need. I catch a couple colds a year and sometimes the flu even if I got a flu shot. If we’re out somewhere or on a plane or something, my husband comes home fine but I come home with whatever cold was floating in the air that day. It’s not fair! ;) I have already noticed that adjusting my diet can help rid me of certain digestive issues–which is why I can’t drink coffee anymore and limit the amount of dairy I consume–so I’m optimistic that more exercise and wiser food choices can help my immune system. And Vita wants me to try vitamins.

4. Sexy summertime!

This is a specific reason for weight loss that Vita and I share. We both want to look hot–hotter than we normally look to our husbands, at least–this summer in our swimsuits. In the year before my wedding, I had steadily lost weight and was almost to the best shape of my life when I suddenly broke my toe six weeks before the wedding. That severely limited the exercise I could do. Then we went on our honeymoon (see related posts on “vacation eating”) and came home and started nesting. Now, 18 months later, it’s obvious I’ve packed on the pounds by sitting at a desk too much of the day and getting too comfortable and lax about not working out. The memory of how great I felt about my physical shape right before my wedding is driving me to regain that accomplishment.

5. Conquering my demons.

Part of what I think is so great about Diet Drop is that we’re honest and realistic with each other about what weight loss methods work for us and which ones don’t. Having a friend to go through this with is making a huge difference for me in terms of success. When I think about weight, food, or my body image on my own, I’m extremely hard on myself and have a distorted, severe perspective. I have done a lot of work to get better about this and I’ve made a ton of progress since I overcame bulimia nearly 10 years ago. But having had an eating disorder in the past, I’ve since been wary of weight loss plans because strict diets and calorie counting trigger negative emotional reactions. To avoid this, I am using our Diet Drop method to stay completely focused on health for health’s sake, enjoyment of life and healthy food, and enjoyment of friendship and exercise…and it’s working! This is the healthiest–not lightest in terms of weight but healthiest–I’ve been in mind and spirit than ever before when trying to lose weight. My goal is to keep it up and achieve losing these 25 pounds or so in the best way possible while having a great time doing it!

What are your weight loss goals?

Good luck! And share your thoughts and goals with us in the comments section.



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