Meat Or Seafood For The Rest Of Your Life? Please Vote!

18 Apr

My husband and I love seafood. We make a fish at least once a week, simply because it’s tasty and cheap. Four basa and tilapia fillets usually cost $3-4, with vegetables or mashed potato on the side, and it is perfect for a full dinner serving. We have ceviche nights a couple times a month–that’s when we marinate overnight all types of seafood in lemon juice with salt until it’s cooked in it, mix it with a chopped onion, tomatoes, and avocados, served on a tostada (crispy fried corn tortilla). Sometimes we also make seafood campechana cocktail nights. These are great dishes for a hot summer nights when you want something light, filling, and flavorful! I don’t think these dishes are intended as a main course, more as appetizers, therefore we prepare a whole pot of it and eat it as a tapas throughout the evening. Salmon is my first and foremost choice of fish; if I could, I would eat it every day! And of course there’s always tuna sandwiches, and my husband makes just the best tuna melt sandwiches in the world!!! Our ultimate date night is going out for some oysters. Our best vacation memories are always about some seafood dishes we tried in different cities. Of course, we cook meat and poultry quite often as well, but now thinking about it, it just doesn’t bring as much excitement for us as seafood does. Yes, it could be tasty, yummy, hearty, but seafood is much more fun for us! :)

One day I asked my husband, if he would be left with a choice of seafood or meat and poultry to eat for the rest of his life, what would he choose? Of course his answer was seafood because of its variety and different tastes. Out of plain curiosity, I started to ask everyone around me the same question. For example, Michelle’s choice was meat and poultry. Majority of people I asked tend to lean to the same choice. When I asked why, the answer usually sounded as: “Because I eat meat more often.” Only one person answered “meat definitely” because he can’t stand the taste of seafood at all. Others like seafood, and eat it occasionally, but if they were to be presented with such a choice until the rest of their lives, it would be meat and poultry.

I’m very much interested in your response, my dear readers, and would highly appreciate your vote!

Thank you in advance,

— Vita :)


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