15 Apr

I have mentioned my addiction passion for a coffee previously in the post “What Would You Like, an Ice Blended Yummy Drink or a New Car?”. And even though I did cut down on the coffee intake considerably, I know that I have to get rid of this habit once and for all. But it’s not as easy as it might feel like, I’ll tell you! There’s a reason why coffee is compared to such legalized drugs as tobacco and alcohol; it’s very addictive. I didn’t even know how addictive it is until I tried to cut it off completely. Three days later after itching and craving for a cup of coffee I grabbed one with my shaking hands and practically gulped it down. That’s when I knew that it’s not as innocent as a whole trend of countless coffee shops want it to look like.

Just the other day when I had to run some errands, it was a pouring stormy rain outside, and all I could think of is to get to the closest coffee shop and to get myself a hot cup of hazelnut latte. There’s something comforting and soothing about the whole feeling of holding it with your freezing fingers, inhaling the aroma and carefully tasting that first sip… I always get that craving. It’s not fast food that appeals to me, not a tasty sweets, no, it’s coffee! However, I do consciously realize that there’s nothing healthy about it. That’s why, when my last can of coffee at home had just a few spoons left in it, I told myself that the next one will be decaf. It tastes the same, but only much healthier on my heart and blood pressure. I told myself that if I buy one can of decaf I would have to to finish it before I get another, meanwhile it’ll get me used to the taste and feeling of it. All good? All good!

The next day, after the trip to the grocery store, I was standing totally stunned in my kitchen holding the can of regular coffee in my hands, how did it happen?! How come it’s a regular coffee instead of decaf as I intended?! I must have seen the coffee aisle and grabbed it without even realizing it. Me need coffee…me need coffee.

All right, next time it’s a decaf for sure! Meanwhile, my coffee is ready, gotta go for a refill!

— Vita :)


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