Holiday Weekend — Easter Paella Lunch and Other Goodness

9 Apr

Our holiday weekend started with the Passover dinner at our friends’ house, which you can read about in the post “Holiday Weekend — Passover Dinner”. Even though we ate full for a whole week ahead, it was just the beginning.

In the middle of last week, I came up with an idea to make my grandma’s famous Kurnik pie. It’s a Russian chicken pie, which contains layers of rice, chicken, and eggs. I nurtured that idea for a few days and last Friday, having some spare time on my hands, I decided to put my cooking skills to an ultimate test. You see, to me Kurnik pie is the Everest of Russian cuisine, the top of the top, that I have never attempted because I knew in advance nothing would be able to match my grandma’s way of making it. Kurnik is considered a Russian traditional Easter pie, because after the long Great Fast people in old times wanted to indulge themselves with all the goodness they deprived themselves of for 40 days and have it all on one plate. And since my close friends are fasting right now, and Russian Orthodox Easter is coming up this Sunday (a week later than Catholic Easter), I have decided to practice to make sure it’d come out right for Russian Easter. To no surprise, it didn’t come out as moist as my grandma used to make it, but it was pretty good anyways. And that was on the menu for a Saturday.

That night though, we were invited to our friend’s house to try out the new Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 game for Kinect, which, should I say, was simply awesome! It was definitely different from other Kinect golf games we have played before; the graphics and the whole feeling is so much more advanced and realistic, especially after following the Masters on TV–the resemblance is outstanding! Between hitting golf strokes, I noticed on the shelf a “Healthy Everyday Food” book by Cooking Light With O Organics, a branch of Whole Foods as I understand, since it didn’t have any particular author for this book. I snapped a few pictures of the recipes with my phone and put one of them to the test this morning. I have decided to treat my husband to a French Toast Casserole this morning. Instead of the regular individual French Toast this recipe tells you to bake the bread soaked in the mixture of eggs, orange juice, milk and maple syrup. The recipe was so extremely easy to make and delicious that I will be posting about it in my following separate post.

For Easter, we have been invited to my husband’s parents house for paella lunch. I have mentioned a few times before that my husband’s family is from Spain, and when his mom makes a paella she makes it traditional from the scratch Valencian style full of different sea food, that nothing in the world can match, at least not in my book. :) Because of the time-consuming process and quite expensive cost of making it for a whole family, this dish is reserved only for a special occasions. Nevertheless, his mom shared with us the recipe with all the tricks and details that she learned over the years of perfecting it, and once we’ll try to make it on our own I’ll make sure to post the recipe with a whole process and pictures as well.

It was the perfect wrap up of the holiday weekend. To me, this weekend felt as though Thanksgiving and Christmas were combined together, because of all the mix of festive food and traditions. Nevertheless, we have a vacation trip to Palm Springs with all our friends scheduled for the end of April, which means I desperately need to get back into my swimming suit shape after all this eating! Soups and salads here I come. :)

Your truly,

— Vita.


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