Weigh-In Wednesday: Dropping Centimeters

4 Apr

Today is our scheduled first weigh-in since we launched Diet Drop. Vita was sneaky and did her measurements while I was out of town visiting family. You can read about her progress in her post, “Bye Bye 1/2 Inch.” I’m so happy for her that she’s seeing results. When I saw her post–while I was eating tons of Peruvian food with my in-laws in New Jersey–I felt excited for her, proud of her, and scared that I wouldn’t see the same results in my own numbers. For the past month, I’ve dropped bread and soda almost completely, I’ve adjusted my meals to include more veggies than carbs, and I’ve tried to eat less. These small changes–and working on this blog with Vita–have improved my outlook and attitude toward weight loss and myself. But this is so obviously just the beginning.

While I was in NJ (my trip will be covered in a separate post next week), I did a lot of walking (to and from subways mostly) that reminded me of how much I enjoy that and how much my body needs it (I was winded on the third flight of stairs at one subway station in lower Manhattan). LA is a car-oriented town, so I’m going to have to try harder to maintain a more Jersey-oriented mindset when I can, like walking to the grocery store or post office that are both within a 10-minute walk from our apartment building. I bring this up because I believe there is no way to ignore or deny that exercise is going to end up being the difference-maker, at least for my body.

I was reluctant this morning to go ahead with the weigh-in because I just got back from a trip that was full of social events centered around food and my body is bloated from all the travel and readjusting and lack of sleep…and also from the Thai food my husband and I ate last night because we were too tired to cook. But enough stalling, here are my numbers:

Height: Still 5’8” ;)

Weight: 201 :(   That means that I’m carrying two more pounds today than I was a month ago. But because of the reasons I stated above, I’m going to re-weigh myself at the end of this week once my body has a chance to settle back down. If it’s still 203, then I’ll believe it, but right now, I think it’s a lot of water weight, especially since multiple people, some of whom hadn’t seen me in months, insist I look thinner (not just my mom!). [Side note: I think we need a new scale. The numbers are somewhat inconsistent depending on where in the apartment building we place the scale.]

Arm: Still 13″

Bust: Still 39″

Waist: 34 1/2″ I lost half an inch in my waist! Yea!!! I have a pronounced hourglass figure naturally so it’s nice to have some change in what is already the narrowest part of my body but I can’t wait for the same to happen in the bigger areas.

Hips: 43 1/2″ I lost half an inch around my hips! This is a great motivator for me because the spare tire I carry around my hips is my biggest complaint about my physical appearance (closely followed by my arms and thighs).

Thigh: 28 1/2 ” I lost half an inch around my thighs! This is a big deal for me. All my life, I’ve had very muscular thighs from skating, which have become even bulkier as I’ve gained weight and gotten older. I’m so happy about this. More walking and exercise!!!

Buttocks: Still 47″ (my husband never complains about that though)

I’m thrilled that the small changes we’ve made–and the biggest change, our friendship and launching this project together–are having a noticeable, measurable difference. These little bits of progress are exactly what I needed to keep going and try even harder. Increasing my physical activity (in ways that don’t cost money) is going to be my next big push for myself. But I’m going to say it again: Diet Drop is working!!! We dropped the strict diet plans, dropped the guilt, dropped some bad habits and it has resulted in dropped centimeters!

Share with us whether you’re also seeing positive results from changes you’re making in your own life and stay tuned for more from us and we keep pushing and supporting each other to be healthier, leaner, and ultimately happier in our own skin.

Good luck!



3 Responses to “Weigh-In Wednesday: Dropping Centimeters”

  1. The Modern Home Economist April 4, 2012 at 4:29 pm #

    So happy for your results! Keep motivated!


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