My Experience With Multivitamins

4 Apr

I have never been a vitamin person and always thought that it’s better to eat an orange for vitamin C than take any supplements, which in its form still scared me by its resemblance to an “evil” pharmaceutical pill. When I used to live in Russia, I remember vitamins were such important part of everyday life because of the vitamin deficiency and overall weather conditions throughout the year. Its value has never been questioned nor underestimated.

However here in California, I have never felt any need for it, having enough fruits and sunshine the whole year around. About a year ago though, in the midst of all flu scare, I stopped at the drug store to pick up some multivitamins for my husband and myself, trying to boost our immune systems as much as possible. I remember I spent a good hour and a half in that aisle just reading the ingredients on every bottle and comparing one to another, which in the end led me to two bottles of Centrum, one for men and the other for women.

Within the next couple of days I started to feel changes in my overall condition, mainly by the tremendous boost of energy that I hadn’t felt in a while by that time. My sleep got better, it got much easier to get out of the bed in the morning, and I definitely started to feel less sleepy and drowsy throughout the day, especially after lunch. I started to concentrate more on my tasks during the day, which led to more efficiency. For about the first week, I was even a little bit scared by how much energy I had. It felt as though a whole can of coffee had been compressed into one little pill, only there was no crash later. But after that first week, everything got back to normal again; perhaps I didn’t feel as if I could run a marathon any more, but the overall condition remained on the same level.  That’s when more changes started to show. My digestive process improved. My skin and hair got better. My nails grew much stronger–before they would break for no reason, now I clip them only when they grow too long.

The only thing about multivitamins is that they come in such big pills that it could leave very unpleasant feeling if taken on an empty stomach. It’s advisable to take them with a meal. It has never been a problem for me; I’m usually pretty consistent about it and take mine every day either with breakfast or lunch. My husband however keeps it in his car to take it during his lunch and sometimes forgets about it, which leads to a quite inconsistent intake, in which case I think there’s really no point of taking it. And here’s how I can see the impact of multivitamins on the immune system in the long run: during the past year he got two minor bouts of flu, while I, even though being in such close contact with him, didn’t catch a thing!

So do multivitamins really work? As someone who has been taking them for over a year now, I can confidently say that they do work. And also, I recently found out that in order to get the needed dosage of vitamin C, one would need to eat two pounds of oranges a day. As much as I love oranges I would definitely develop an allergy from such an amount. It’s much easier to have one multivitamin a day!

Yours truly,

— Vita (:


2 Responses to “My Experience With Multivitamins”

  1. Diet Drop April 4, 2012 at 11:46 am #

    I’m like Vita’s husband; every time I’ve tried to start taking Vitamins, I am inconsistent and give up after a short time. I don’t have a negative outlook on some pills like she seems to but I have always been skeptical about the vitamin industry. However, hearing about such tangible results as hers from someone I trust makes me more inclined to give them another try, especially since I usually catch colds a couple times a year. –Michelle


  1. My 5 Reasons to Lose Weight! « Diet Drop - April 19, 2012

    […] Healthy eating and regular exercise are supposed to increase your overall health and the strength of your immune system. That’s what I need. I catch a couple colds a year and sometimes the flu even if I got a flu shot. If we’re out somewhere or on a plane or something, my husband comes home fine but I come home with whatever cold was floating in the air that day. It’s not fair! ;) I have already noticed that adjusting my diet can help rid me of certain digestive issues–which is why I can’t drink coffee anymore and limit the amount of dairy I consume–so I’m optimistic that more exercise and wiser food choices can help my immune system. And Vita wants me to try vitamins. […]

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