Bye Bye 1/2 Inch, We Won’t Miss You Here!

31 Mar

I couldn’t wait until Wednesday, when Michelle and I are supposed to do our measurements again, and instead sneakily did it this morning, and oh boy, was that a good morning for me?! :) I have lost half an inch of the most important measurements so far. Here are the numbers from roughly a month ago and now:

Height: 6’0″ – Still the same :)

Arms: 13″ – Also the same…

Bust: 40″ – Magically gained one inch, 41″

Waist: 33″ – 32.5″

Hips: 41.5″ – Didn’t change (yet!)

Buttocks: 45.5″ – 45″

Thighs: 27″ – 26.5″

Not sure about the weight yet since only Michelle has a scale, and she’s on the East Coast at the moment, so I will check that later with her. So what did I change in my eating pattern that lead me to this weight loss shift? I would like to say nothing, because it just doesn’t feel as I restrict myself. I truly don’t! I still eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I indulge myself with my favorite flan dessert and occasional biscuits with my meals. However there were some fundamental changes made:

For example, my husband and I said big fat NO to sodas or any other fruit drinks. I think he’s even more concerned about it than I am. We started to brew our own iced teas every morning and drink that throughout the day instead.

I definitely started to cut down on portions.

I started to implement veggies more often in my menu.

We always have a tray full of different fruits at home. Great for snacking!

I started to skip on dinner more often because I would have really late lunch on some days.

The whole idea of this Diet Drop Project was to give us one month of conscious eating and see the results. We didn’t want to stress ourselves out with any strict diet plans, we just wanted to analyze our eating habits, and instead of blindly eating whatever comes our way, think about it and make appropriate choices. Did it work for me? As you can see some minor changes started to happen already, and deep in my heart, I know that I didn’t try hard enough. I could have paid more attention and tried harder, but because it was only the trial period, I was still a little skeptical about the results, therefore taking it extremely easy. Now, however, it’s ON! Even a half an inch is enough motivation for me to keep this project going. And of course knowing myself, I should admit it would never happen if I’d be trying to do it all by myself. A support factor plays such a tremendous role in weight loss, it definitely helps to have a friend to start this journey together.

Stay motivated, my friends!

– Vita (:

**Weight numbers will be added on Wednesday.

3 Responses to “Bye Bye 1/2 Inch, We Won’t Miss You Here!”

  1. The Modern Home Economist April 1, 2012 at 4:09 pm #

    Congrats on your results!

    • Diet Drop April 1, 2012 at 8:29 pm #

      Thank you! It motivates me to keep going (: –Vita


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    […] while I was out of town visiting family. You can read about her progress in her post, “Bye Bye 1/2 Inch.” I’m so happy for her that she’s seeing results. When I saw her post–while […]

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