Vita’s Style Improvement

30 Mar

Even three years ago, as ashamed as I am to admit it, I did not have any style of my own. I was totally lost in any trends, fashion, design, or style that every time I was going to the mall, I didn’t know what to buy. My idea of a style was whatever feels comfortable, pretty much jeans and T-shirts. It was a loneliness factor, which I intend to write about in a separate post, but nevertheless I was at total loss. It wasn’t until I was living with three other gals that I started to pick up ideas of some style. At that time I was a plain canvas ready for them to experiment on with some colors and textures and designs.

The first thing they told me was, “Lose the jeans!” “Oh, but how come?” I was trying to protest, “Jeans are my favorite type of clothes.” Instead of jeans, they made me try to wear some slacks and black pants. “Look how your butt looks so much better in these black pants rather than your average jeans!” they were trying to convince me. It’s true though, it did look much better, and the flip side of it is that black pants work just as good in a casual outfit as they do in the evening for date time. And at that time I didn’t fight them, I just went along with everything that was suggested to me. I figured anything is better than my own [lack of] style. The funny thing is that even my make-up bag contained only mascara and an eyebrow pencil for my blond eyebrows. Those were the only things I used, not because I wanted to preserve my youth as my grandma told me to, but because I didn’t know how to use other make up properly. Thankfully, the universe planted me with my three roommates. Each of them had their own style: one had a Hot Sexy Doll feeling to her style; no matter what she wore, it looked so darn sexy on her and ready for a cat walk and even in the morning her make up would never be smeared and she’d still look ready for any date. The other one was a Business Office Queen; her pencil skirts with blouses and awesome-fit suits would look so good every morning when she’d get ready for a work that I had nothing but admiration for her style. The final touch was her glasses that she wore that just perfectly finished up the whole picture! The third gal had a Romantic Bohemian style. She never shopped in the main stream shopping malls, but always at the small independent stores that specifically cater to her style. She had no problem to spend over $100 on a dress, something I’m still hesitant to spend even nowadays, but that would be a one-of-a-kind HER dress, fit to her style, something you won’t see someone else wearing when you go get your coffee at Starbucks. She had a more classical 1950’s-meets-modern-days style, something that you might describe as Kate Middleton’s approach today. I picked up some of their style tips alone the way, which of course resumed in my own mixed style in the end. I still wouldn’t call my style anything in particular, since it’s hard for me to pinpoint what is it exactly, but Michelle, someone who got to know me after the whole transformation, would be a better judge of it. I hate shopping, being in the store for more than half an hour starts to irritate me. I have a full closet of whatever I need for every given situation, and shop for a clothes only when I need some. But I’m a sucker for accessories! Hats, gloves, scarves, shoes, jewelry, bags, and clutches (Oh, how much I love clutches!).

And here’s the list of things I’m still learning how to wear:

1. Scarves. All right, granted, because I’m a Russian I have had a flare for scarves since my childhood (because it’s cold there and everyone wears them). Scarves always have been my kind of thing, and my closet is full of them, all colors, textures for winter, for summer, to wrap around the neck or wear it as a head band. Also, it’s a great tool to visually disguise your body shape if you wear some bright-colored scarf! ;)

2. Skinny jeans! I always wanted to learn how to wear them, and recently I got myself two pairs, even though I have full, nowhere-close-to-being-skinny thighs. The trick is to wear them inside of long boots (in the winter) or over high hills (in the summer). If you feel self-conscious about your thighs, than I would suggest any type of cardigan or a coat. Don’t let your perception of your weight get between you and your skinny jeans! Next time you’ll be shopping, I dare you to try them on and tell me you don’t look hot! :)

3. Hats. There’s something about hats that I find absolutely irresistible! I guess it’s my ’50s style calling for it. Oh, what a wonderful stylish time that was, if only it wouldn’t be for the bigotry and sexual harassment, I would love living in that time! Ladies were so classy with their hats and gloves, beautiful dresses, and clip-on earrings that they were taking off every time they spoke on the phone… What a time! Anyways, yes, the hats. Summer fedora hats are my favorite at the moment, we’ll see where style will take us!

4. Watches. Ever since I worked in a jewelry shop that was also specializing in expensive watches, I developed a taste for a good time piece. Even though I can’t afford for myself a Cartier or Breitling yet, I consider wearing watches such a classy, beautiful habit that has unfortunately started to fade away with the invention of cellphones. When I was working in that store, I tried on every single watch, but only the shape and the whole feeling of this Tiffany watch complimented my wrist the best. Ever since, I’ve been in love with this time piece! But for now, to get myself into this habit, I bought a simple regular watch, just to get used to the feeling.

5. Eyeliner. Seems like bold eye lines without any color shadows are in right now. That motivated me to get myself a liquid eyeliner and start practicing. I always wanted to be able to wear it, but somewhere deep inside always felt a little bit intimidated, even though I’m pretty comfortable wearing smoky eyes (using a pencil). I know, one should go with the other, but somehow that equation got off on the wrong start for me. One day I told myself, it’s time! Just a little bit of practice, that’s all I need. At the moment, I’m still in the practice stage :)

Yours truly,

— Vita (:

4 Responses to “Vita’s Style Improvement”

  1. squirrel circus March 30, 2012 at 11:28 am #

    Love, love scarves — no wrong way to wear them, in my opinion. I haven’t made the skinny jean plunge yet because then I need to buy the awesome boots and/or high heels – the total investment is just too daunting. My personal favorite for eyeliners are liquid eyeliners. I can never get the waxy pencils, even kohl colors, to spread. I like a nice liquid black with black mascara (not a fan of shadow, so I’m glad to see you point out that people are going without it more often)

    Kudos to you on making some changes and taking some leaps, fashion-wise!

    • Diet Drop March 30, 2012 at 11:45 am #

      Thanks! Exactly, I was talking about liquid eyeliners, kinda tricky to apply it, but I’ll get there )) By the way, love your blog! Fun read!

      — Vita (:

  2. Diet Drop March 30, 2012 at 12:05 pm #

    I would describe Vita’s style as urban chic. Her skill with accessorizing is better than she thinks. Her combinations reflect that she’s seen several parts of the world but she’s warm and approachable. Anytime we go out to grab coffee or run errands, she looks so cute and it inspires me to add a statement piece or two–like a giant vintage brass owl necklace I have or a pop-color pair of heels with jeans–in order to step up my style game a bit. The other day when we went to get coffee (her) and iced tea (me), she was just wearing fitted jeans and a t-shirt when I met her at her door but in less than a minute she pulled on super cute boots, a three-quarter sleeve jacket, and a hat that transformed her from Plain-Jane to I-want-that-girl’s-look! I think my style is partially urban chic and partially former hippie, although my style suffers slightly when my weight and self-esteem fluctuate. Fortunately, I have learned how to do smoky eyes from Vita now so that can dress up any look. :) –Michelle

    • Diet Drop March 30, 2012 at 12:36 pm #

      Awww, you sweet talker! Thanks darling (: — Vita.

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