Rainy Day Adventure — Vita’s Story

26 Mar

We decided it’d be fun to do more joint posts so that you can get a more intimate look at our friendship and have fun hearing about the same day from two points of view (giving you the Rashomon effect). Enjoy!


I love rain. Love everything about it, the calm warm weather prior to the rain storm, falling asleep listening to the lullaby of rain drops hitting the roof, sleeping in without being able to make what time is it, watching movies all day long under a cozy warm blanket, the ability to wear rain boots… But most of all, I love fresh clean air, which is so wanted and desired in smoggy Los Angeles. I guess people here are so spoiled with sunny weather that couple days of rain is considered a storm, worthy of occupying two thirds of the local news broadcast. Perhaps I’m not a meteorological genius, but I believe it’s a quite a stretch to be panicking about few inches of rain, especially when it should be taken as a blessing, not as a curse.

So you can imagine my spark of excitement when I woke up and saw rain pouring this Sunday. Every morning I wake up, I have a new song occupying my mind, and that day it was “Hey Jude” by the Beatles, which coincidently I consider the perfect match for such weather. I got up to find my sweet husband in the kitchen making breakfast. He insisted on making hash browns to teach me how professionals (!) do it right, since my last batch didn’t come up as I expected and turned out to be big disappointment for both of us. In no way possible was I going to talk him out of making breakfast. It was shaping up to be a great day already!

Michelle and I planned to go to the mall for a dress hunt that day–she needs an evening dress for upcoming big event that she and her husband are going to, and I just wanted to check out some summer dresses. The last time I was at the mall, I had to run through JCPenney, where I noticed that they totally reinvented their inventory, and I just couldn’t resist coming back there for a more thorough look with Michelle. The only thing we hadn’t thought of was what was the closest location of JCP, thinking of it as something that is right around the corner. But as soon as we barely got out of the driveway we realized that we couldn’t remember where it could possibly be in our neighborhood. It’s the same as trying to find Dunkin Donuts in L.A.; anyone you ask sincerely believes that they saw it right there (but dang, they just can’t seem to remember the exact cross street), when the truth is this chain disappeared from Los Angeles a long time ago leaving just a trace of a lingering memory in people’s minds. That was us, two girls trying to find the store, and since both of us still live in the prehistoric age of smart phones (we still have basic voice/text cells) we had to use what people used before they had maps and googles on their phones: we called my husband at home to check it online and give us the directions.

We drove around for about an hour between three locations that we thought this store could be at. It’s nice to be in the passenger’s seat, especially when you don’t have to stress out about the wet road and slow-as-turtles drivers on your way. I always had an admiration for Michelle’s ability to drive shift stick. She drives her little car like a Nascar driver; it’s fun, I have to hold on to my seat from time to time, but it’s still fun! I felt a little guilty for not getting the directions in the first place and remembered that there was one coffee shop on our way, which I wanted to check out for a long time, so the least I could do is to offer a cup of warm yummy coffee to make up for all the troubles. You know how they say that everything happens for a reason? It was absolutely clear to me that all that driving was with a one particular purpose, for us end up at that place. There was something magical about the whole feeling, the warm woody interior with mismatched antique furniture around, pleasant piano music in the background, two chess players concentrating on their game… I ordered myself a hazelnut latte and gave Michelle some room to decide what she would like to order. After the thorough look around I found out that music was actually coming from a real piano situated by the wall, and one of the coffee shop’s patrons was just playing some tunes, something you’ll never be able to see at Starbucks. The chess game was coming to an end when one of the players masterfully check-mated his opponent. I was just staying back and enjoying the strategy while the nice girl at the bar was fixing our lattes. I couldn’t resist to complement them on this nice game and it turned out that these people were a part of a local chess club, getting together sometimes to play a game or two. My husband and I play chess constantly, but no matter how much I love this game I can’t measure up to his ability to play. In fact, I have beat the computer a couple times, but could never beat him. That’s why I thought he might appreciate being able to play with someone more advanced than me and I took all their info. Michelle and I headed out to the patio, where we sat chatting and enjoying our warm yummy drinks by the rhythm of rain drops. It felt as if something magical was about to happen. I didn’t want that feeling to end, my latte to be finished, or the rain to stop. Even the guy, who jumped out in front of our car when we were pulling out of the parking lot, seemed to look like a rain deer with his tall skinny body and wide-opened eyes; he froze for a second looking at us and moved the other direction.

Finally we arrived at the store. We grabbed a couple of dresses and hit the fitting room to try them on. I didn’t like how the summer dresses were hanging on me, and Michelle wasn’t happy with her choices as well, but at least because were there together we didn’t get sour about it. After a little walk around we stumbled across the jewelry counter, and there was that feeling again, that it all happened for a reason. We were not meant to buy any dresses that day; we ended up there so Michelle would find the perfect necklace as a gift for her niece’s birthday, something that she’s been looking for already for a few weeks.

It was a perfect day that ended with the lengua burrito for me. Even though it was very big and I ate it all, I didn’t feel any guilt because it was still just 5.30 in the afternoon and I didn’t eat anything later that evening. A little bit of Animation Domination on Fox in the company of my dear husband, what could be a better wrap-up of the perfect day?!

— Vita (:


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