Rainy Day Adventure — Michelle’s Story

26 Mar

We decided it’d be fun to do more joint posts so that you can get a more intimate look at our friendship and have fun hearing about the same day from two points of view (giving you the Rashomon effect). Enjoy!


Sunday was a blustery, rainy day in Los Angeles. Normally such dark, ominous, wet weather makes me want to curl up on the couch with a blanket and an old movie. I appreciate rain but I prefer to not be cold and wet. However, Sunday was different. Vita and I had planned to go check out a JCPenney because they’re advertising new rebranding efforts as an always-affordable, no-gimmicks kind of store and we both wanted to look at dresses (I haven’t decided yet what I’m wearing to a big party next weekend). We both thought we knew where there was a JCP near our neighborhood…but we were both wrong.

It was funny. Something about how clean and crisp the air felt and how much fun we were having just being silly made driving around in circles for a while seem like no big deal. Although, I think I might’ve unnerved Vita a time or two with my u-turn habits. We ended up pulling into a little coffee shop that Vita’s been wanting to try for a long time so that we could regroup.

Vita was a sweetheart and offered to treat. I had slept in, skipped breakfast, and was feeling rather enchanted by the rain so I thought I’d skip getting tea like I usually do and really let the treat be a treat: I ordered a large white chocolate mocha latte, to which I added four sugar packets and a splash of 2% milk while Vita chatted with the chess players.

Sitting at the coffee shop at Colfax & Riverside.

It was a beautiful, rainy afternoon, made even more perfect by going to such a lovely, independent coffee shop for a mocha. I took this pic with my cell phone.

It was movie-set perfect: an older gentleman was playing an upright piano, people were playing chess, a couple was working on a project on a laptop together, and all the coffee and food in the cafe was organic and/or gluten-free. There were jewel-tone cushioned sofas, a veranda with lots of plants, mismatched pseudo-antique decor, and enough rod-iron frames on the tables and chairs to send me into a tizzy thinking about what great photo subjects they could make.

We sat outside where we were alone except for a man who was writing on his laptop with headphones on, occasionally glancing over at the way the raindrops made the asphalt bounce with life. My favorite thing about rain is the way it changes all the sounds of the city. Traffic noise and conversations are literally drowned out by whooshing and splashing. Raindrops turn every surface into a percussion instrument. And the Disney song, “Little April Shower”, started playing in my head.

I wasn’t feeling any guilt whatsoever about the sugary coffee drink because I figured I wasn’t exceeding my calorie alottment for the first half of the day. A quick search online revealed that there are about 300 calories in a drink like that, not counting the additional four packets of sugar I poured in. It tasted amazingly good. I hadn’t had one in about two years. Feeling warm and energized, we pulled out of the parking lot to head off to the Glendale JCP (but not before one of the chess players darted out in front of my car, giving me quite the scare). With no further obstacles, we arrived at the mall. We scoured all the dress racks and entered the dressing room with four picks each…none of which worked for either of us, unfortunately. Sometimes that’s just the way it goes. Shopping is like gambling: you have to take a chance on a lot of clothes and stores to occasionally hit the jackpot and find a great outfit within budget. I went into the dressing room feeling optimistic because I feel like I am starting to slim down just a bit. One of the dresses was a one-sleeve gold number (note to self: one-sleeve dresses are not right for my body type–ever); one was way too big  and too mulberry so it looked frumpy; and the other two both fit perfectly on top but didn’t fit at all over my hips and thighs even though they were different styles. Go figure. If I had been alone, I might have left feeling discouraged and depressed. But since I was with a good friend, we had a really good laugh over it.

While we were there, we of course stopped to look at all the fun stuff at the jewelry counter. Lo and behold, I saw the exact necklace I had been looking for as a gift for my niece’s 16th birthday. I had been to four stores in the past two weeks (her birthday is this coming weekend) and none of them had any decent-looking pendants with her birthstone. This one was larger, a prettier cut, and had a nicer setting than any that I’d seen and it was under the budget amount we had set! It was meant to be. And what a relief to have the gift taken care of so that I can focus on deciding what to wear to the party. ;)

On the way home, Vita called her husband to see if we should stop and pick up some food for dinner. My husband was working late that night so I accepted the invite (or did I invite myself?) to eat with them. We stopped at a little Mexican restaurant near the apartment and got some wet burritos. Yum! I ate half when I was with them and then I ate the other half later around 9:00. I know it’s a no-no to eat so late when you’re trying to lose weight, but I justified it because I hadn’t consumed very much at all during the day and I figured we must have burned some calories walking around the store for so long. Maybe I’m stretching my justification but I was so happy with how the day went. I was smiling all day long. And smiling and laughing burns calories too.



One Response to “Rainy Day Adventure — Michelle’s Story”

  1. Diet Drop March 26, 2012 at 3:06 pm #

    Haha, Vita told me that she didn’t know I put all that extra sugar in my coffee until we shared our posts this morning. She might have made me think twice about it if she had seen me do it. (Read about an interesting sugar-related experience in her “Meet Vita” post here: https://dietdrop.wordpress.com/2012/03/06/meet-vita/) –Michelle

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