Exercise For Fun, Weight Loss Will Follow!

16 Mar

The concept of losing weight is pretty simple: eat less, exercise more, right? Absolutely! With the first part, I’m definitely on the right path, however I have a little problem with second. I’ve never been a fan of physical activities unless it’s a sports game. You see, when I was a kid I went through the whole spectrum of classes: hockey, basketball, swimming, water polo, and in high school I was on the volleyball team. I find it exciting to exercise for fun, but working out for the sake of it not so much. Jogging or hiking is just not my cup of tea, and a gym membership is usually a waste of money, no matter how many times I have tried to start it over. I still have weights at home, cute little pink three-pounders, which I bought few years back in the desperate hope that one day I’ll sculpt my arms to perfection. I don’t remember touching them even once though. I always blamed my lack of desire to exercise on my high blood pressure. I get dramatically red even within five minutes of any activity and can hear my heart pumping like it’s connected to an amplifier. But that never stopped me from having a blast playing tennis or any other game, so I guess it’s just a matter of me simply being bored while exercising. I can honestly say that over the years, I have tried. 

I remember the first time I went out for a jog I had just turned 18 years old. Before that, I only exercised during classes in the sports academy and PE classes in school, but it had never occurred to me to do so for health reasons. But when I went to college everything changed because the people surrounding me at that time seemed to me to be more mature than in high school, and people looked, dressed, talked and even thought differently. I found myself in the midst of health obsession, at 18 years old, among my peers! That’s when I seriously started to question whether I have a weight problem or not, checking my tight-as-a-drum (at that time) stomach and thighs for cellulite, calculating body fat, and developing not-so-healthy eating habits. No wonder that one day I woke up and found myself ready for a jog. I jogged for a while, enough to have something to sustain a conversation with my health-obsessed peers, but it didn’t take too long for me to get tired of it.

Nowadays Michelle and I play tennis occasionally. Neither of us can play it very well; we just hit the ball for fun, but that just makes it even better since we don’t have to feel intimidated by better players. It’s great exercise because you have to bend over to pick up those balls about million times during the game and it feels like you’ve just spent an hour on the treadmill, only had much more fun! We do not have any set schedule for it and go to play whenever it strikes us. Although since we started this Diet Drop Project we probably need to go play at least twice a week to have some consistency.

Michelle also ice skates, she has been skating ever since she was a little kid. I love skating too and sometimes we go to the rink together, but I do it for fun, just to circle around the rink. Michelle however trains with a coach on a much much more advanced level. I’m just genuinely proud of her, how gracefully and it seems like effortlessly she can perform very complicated elements of ice skating. If you ever ice skated or roller bladed before than you would know that it’s a great workout for your legs. I learned that good stretching and proper breathing is a must in this sport, although that’s true of most sports, I guess.

I have yet to find myself a volleyball team to join, which I always wanted to get back into. Although, it’s not as easy to find people who actually get together to play volleyball unless, again, it’s a gym class, which I do not want to get myself into all over again.

Lately my husband got me sucked into airsoft games. Airsoft is a relatively new form of war games, probably compared best to paintball. They also play in designated parks or in the private games where fields are full of city ruins, trenches, towers, overturned cars, helicopters, and other props of post-apocalyptic scenarios. The only difference between airsoft and paintball is that airsoft guns, which are exact replicas of real guns, are shooting small plastic BBs, which will hurt and leave bruises if shot directly into skin but don’t hurt at all if shot at the protective camo and gear. I do have my own M14 rifle and usually if I go I just stand back and snipe everyone from the tower or a hilltop, but to be completely honest I do not go to play as often as the guys do. It is a full day of tremendous physical activity. First of all, it’s a lot of running, squatting and crawling, topped off with all the gear you have on you, and don’t forget about quite heavy rifle you have to carry around. It’s a whole day of a boot camp, just more fun!

— Vita (:


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