What Would You Like, an Ice Blended Yummy Drink or a New Car?

14 Mar

If you are a coffeeholic like me and love coffee, lattes, frappuccinos, iced drinks, and all other yummy stuff that coffee shops have to offer, than you would probably agree that giving up these treats while trying to lose some weight is not easy at all. Especially when you find yourself craving something sweet somewhere in the mid-afternoon, how strong one’s will has to be to resist an ice blended mocha caramel frappuccino. Well, actually I’m a huge fan of anything with hazelnut, so I find hazelnut lattes or iced drinks absolutely irresistible! There was a time when I would gulp down three of those a day, and do you think it was the insane intake of calories that made me stop for a minute and rethink my habit?  No, the expense of these drinks started to wear my budget out, and by the end of the month could easily match the monthly lease payment of a new car. That’s when I knew some changes had to be made. I started with following:

  1. Brew coffee at home. As I mentioned before, I used to be a real coffeeholic, drinking 3 to 4 cups of coffee in the morning which were followed by a few cups of coffee drinks in the afternoon. To save my family some money, I decided it would be cheaper to invest in the coffee maker. Ironically, once I got into the habit of brewing coffee at home, I actually started to cut down on the number of cups I drank. Currently, I drink not more than two cups a day.
  2. Regular coffee instead of latte. Once I found out that every coffee house has a variety of flavored sugar, I decided to substitute all those fancy-shmancy drinks with regular coffee, only flavored! Now I ask them to make me a coffee with a little bit of hazelnut sugar. Tastes great, costs half as much!
  3. Sugar, sugar, sugar! Did you know that if you don’t specify an amount of sugar, Starbucks will make your venti iced coffee with SIX pumps of sugar?! Six pumps! Enough to wire up a hamster for a whole week. My trick is to ask for a 1 to 2 pumps of [hazelnut] sugar and water the coffee down with milk, which makes it taste much smoother.
  4. Brew your own iced teas! Have you ever tried the passion iced tea from Starbucks? Oh my, I got instantly hooked on this amazingly refreshing drink! However it was still sucking up the money from my wallet and since I became very cautious about sugar intake I decided to brew it at home. You can find passion fruit tea, or whatever flavor suits you the best, at any grocery store for $5 to $6 for a box of 20 to 30 sachets. One bag of tea will be enough for a pitcher to last through the whole day. I add two tablespoons of sugar to the pitcher, which I consider nothing since it’ll make 8-10 glasses of tea. So in the end, three of those large teas from the coffee shop are worth of a month’s supply of yummy iced tea drinking. Did you know that if you’d calculate all those iced teas that you’d make at home for the price of what coffee shops are charging, it’d add up to $700 worth of your own home-made iced tea per month? Something that you have paid only $6 for! Awesome, isn’t it?! (:

Once again, if you are into coffee and trying to lose some weight, you might want to reexamine your everyday coffee routine. Every coffee house has a nutrition guide brochure, so face it, get familiar with it, and see how much calories you are actually consuming throughout the day and what you could have been eating instead. Could you imagine my surprise when I found out that all those drinks I was consuming in a day were equal to a whole cheese pizza or four servings of lasagna? Four full dinners! In one day! And on a top of all that coffee, I would definitely have my regular meals… Now it makes me absolutely speechless, but it’s never too late to start fresh.

Yours truly,

— Vita

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