How Healthy Is To Be Healthy?

9 Mar

One sunny Saturday afternoon Michelle, my husband and I were sitting outside enjoying beautiful weather, sipping on our iced teas and discussing how different regions of the country and the world have a different perceptions of a healthy food. Michelle, who spent considerable part of her life living on the East Coast, mentioned that over there healthy food equals real food, with real ingredients and no fast food, no MSG’s, and no processed foods. It’s pretty much Big Mac and chicken nuggets versus grandma’s home made lasagna and meat balls. “The same in Spain, natural food is a healthy food”, my husband confirmed, “Even more, it’s considered healthy and widespread tradition to have glass of red vine with your dinner”. I couldn’t agree more with them, in Russia healthy food is a home made style food, and since cows and chickens are not shot with hormones or fed with processed corn, that meat and poultry sounds as a pretty healthy food to me. 

However here in Los Angeles, the concept of healthy eating shifted in the past years toward over exaggerated obsession with organic and vegan food. I don’t think I would be able to describe it better than this little clip from awesome TV show Portlandia, enjoy!

Of course, I agree, you can’t call it a healthy food, even if it’s home made, if the ingredients are full of corn products and steroids, and unfortunately there’s no way to avoid it nowadays. There are so many documentaries and research has been done on this subject that it’s virtually impossible to pretend no more that we never heard of what’s going on. But I also think that it’s quite a push to hunt for organic oranges or bananas and pay $3 per pound for it when we live in one of the most polluted cities in the US. It’s as if partying, drinking, smoking, popping and snorting all night long is harmless, but the drinking water must be filtered though! There has to be sense and balance in everything. As for example, I had a friend who’s been on a chunky side for as long I knew her. One day I see her at the party after about a year since we’ve seen each other last time, I extend my hand to introduce myself as I thought it’s someone else. She was one third of her previous size that I couldn’t even recognize her. Very awkward situation, I’ll tell you, but apparently she was quite flattered. “What’s your secret?”, I asked her later in the evening. “Instant noodles!”, she answered. She said she was saving money for certain cause, and therefore couldn’t even afford to eat anything else. You probably saying Wow in your mind right now, but with her being only 25 years old she looked 25 years older. Is this a price of such an unhealthy weight loss? Unfortunately in her situation she had no choice, but I would think twice before I’d do it myself though. To me, weight loss has be healthy and fun, without hurting myself and others around me.

Stay healthy my friends!

— Vita (:


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