Know Your Rights, Be Strong, Stay Strong!

8 Mar

Perhaps this post is not related to weight loss, but today is International Women’s Day, which means this post is related to each and one of us, today is OUR day, and it’s all about OUR rights! Somehow in United States this day passes unnoticed year after year, although it’s widely celebrated all around the world. Everyone knows a fairy tale of two love birds, and how apparently Valentine’s Day started, but how many people actually know what this very important day for women is all about, and where did it all start? I’m not gonna go deep into the history of emancipation of women, it’ll take more than one post to cover even the basic facts of it. All those points of gender equality (at least as much as we have it today) that we take for granted in our lives, they all were fought for by very brave women throughout the history. 

Way over a century ago women’s suffrage and emancipation movement started to rise one by one in different countries, soon enough taking by storm the whole world. These brave women, for whom I have nothing but respect and deep admiration, were risking their lives by trying to strike and unionize. These were the times when women were paid so little, that modern gender wage gap would be a dream come true for them. They didn’t have any Congress representations, they couldn’t vote, and they couldn’t divorce their husbands, that was only men’s privilege, in which case mother would lose all her maternal rights and kids would stay with the father. If, and only if he’s generous enough than he’d allow certain visitation rights.

In United States 19th Amendment, which allows women to vote, was officially ratified   in 1920, it only took 72 years after the Seneca Falls Convention, an event that started suffrage movement. By the way, the last state to ratify 19th Amendment was Mississippi in 1984. How about that for modern age?! Even though women have all the freedom and equality, there are still those who get emotionally and physically abused. When we think of abuse we think of other third-world countries, only because we don’t see it in our every day lives, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not happening next door. Unfortunately there are women who live in fear every day, being emotionally and  physically controlled and abused, and threatened. However it doesn’t make them weak, fear is not equal weakness. My heart goes to all of them, and I can’t think about their situations without deep sadness and tears in my eyes. If they happened to stumble across this entry I just want them to know that you are not alone out there, there are people who love and understand you.

Know your rights, be strong and stay strong!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Yours truly,

— Vita.


One Response to “Know Your Rights, Be Strong, Stay Strong!”

  1. Diet Drop March 13, 2012 at 7:55 pm #

    I think abuse–in minor forms like objectification in media and major forms like molestation–often lead to and are associated with body image distortions and eating disorders. Our sense of self and our emotional health are intertwined, which I think is partially what makes it hard for many women, myself included, to approach losing weight in a healthy manner. Having an anti-diet diet buddy like Vita has helped me immensely. Us gals gotta stick together! –Michelle

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