Water, Water, Everywhere

7 Mar

There are several diet methods that haven’t worked for me in the past (more on that in future posts) but one tip that has worked for me is to increase the amount of water I drink per day. My work keeps me sitting at a desk in front of a computer all day, so drinking more water throughout the day is a simple way that I can accomplish several healthy choices in one gulp:

1. By drinking more water, you help your body flush toxins from your system.

2. Drinking cold water with ice gives your body a mini calorie-burning boost.

3. Staying hydrated improves your overall health, energy, and immune system.

4. Choosing water over soda keeps me from drinking those sugar calories I love so much and makes me feel a little better about how I’m progressing toward my weight loss goals.

5. It keeps my mouth occupied (get the innuendo giggles out of the way). As someone who loves to snack, having a special water cup or bottle that I can sip from or chew ice from is great for satisfying oral fixation cravings. And, I have realized that I feel fuller in between and during meals when I’m drinking more water.

6. It’s cheaper than soda and other drinks (even those flavored waters or electrolyte-infused drinks cost more than they should and have excess calories, salts, and sugars in them that I don’t want).

The best way I’ve found to keep myself drinking water throughout the day is to avoid buying bottled water. Instead, I choose and designate a special water bottle or cup that I can reuse. With the launch of this Diet Drop project, I invested $3.50 plus tax on a new water cup that has cheerful colors.

BPA-free, sweat-resistant drinking cup.

An inexpensive and easy way to increase your daily water intake and help you lose weight is to find yourself a special water cup or bottle that makes drinking more water more fun and consistent.

It is BPA-free, sweat-resistant plastic, which means it has no chemicals in it that could eventually seep out and it won’t get condensation build-up around the outside when it’s full of ice water. This is great for me because it means I don’t have to worry about condensation pooling around the cup on my desk next to my computer. Also, it comes with a straw made of the same material, and I love straws. The screw-on lid makes it easy to take it everywhere with me, too. I constantly refill it throughout the day with filtered water from a jug or tap and then I just hand-wash real quick in the evening (it’s not dishwasher safe).

About four years ago, I was the size I am now and I lost about 25 pounds by exercising more, eating a little less, and drinking a LOT more water. I was using a different water bottle but it worked the same. ;) I could tell that the increased water intake was a significant contributing factor to the weight loss at the time. Unfortunately, after I lost the weight, I didn’t stay consistent with the new habits. So, here I am again. But if it worked once, it can work again. It makes me feels so good. The only downside to drinking so much water is that you end up having to “go” more often. I don’t mind a few extra trips to the ladies’ room though if it’s helping me drop some weight. At least it gets me up from my desk. Every little bit of calorie-burning helps, right? Additionally, one way to help your body adjust to the extra water in your system is to eat more leafy greens and fiber, which is a healthy choice anyway. And, as silly as it sounds, my bright, special drinking cup makes me smile.

Drink up, friends!



2 Responses to “Water, Water, Everywhere”

  1. Diet Drop March 7, 2012 at 5:30 pm #

    I couldn’t agree more on the subject! First thing in my weight loss battle was a total elimination of sodas, not even diet ones, juices (unless it’s freshly squeezed), vitamin waters and so forth. And since drinking plain water could be a little bit boring for me, I found a great substitute to it all, iced tea! I usually brew fresh pitcher of tea (takes only one tea sachet) in the morning and keep it in the fridge, lasts me whole day! (:

    — Vita.

  2. coachcrystalspadawan March 7, 2012 at 7:01 pm #

    I just wrote about my lack of water today and it causing hunger. I also used the line Water Water Everywhere. What is that they say about great minds?

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