Vita’s Weight Loss Milestones or Little Fantasies Never Hurt No One

7 Mar

When you consciously decide to lose weight the greatest motivation, besides the support of your best friend with whom you decide to drop weight together, is imagining a little rewards for yourself when you reach certain milestones. You can set your goals based on pounds, inches or clothing sizes dropped. In my case I decided to go with a pounds, probably because the number seems in my mind as the most dramatic one.

Here are my milestones: 

Drop 5 lbs. Time for shopping! I decided that I’m going to reward myself with an awesome pair of new jeans. You all know what a pair of a new perfect fit jeans could do for girl’s self image! And I have to admit that it’s been a while since I actually had jeans, in which I could feel both comfortable and confident at the same time. Something definitely to look forward to!

Drop 10  lbs. Oh, I have such a treat planned for this milestone. With a loss of 10 pounds I should definitely be able to fit into my little black cocktail dress that I bought long time ago, and which just have been hanging in my closet waiting for a better day to come. I had never had a chance to wear it since it’s so tight that unless you have a super slimming bodywear underneath you won’t be able to wear this dress properly. I do not own such a piece of garment for two reasons, first, it’s impossible for me to breath in it after five minutes passed; and second, I do not find it attractive when your man holds you in his arms and all he feels is an armor underneath of your dress. Then, oh God forbid, after you look all so pretty and skinny in this dress all night, and romantic evening takes its logical passion turn, you take off that bodywear and transform from Cameron Diaz into Kristie Alley. Why traumatizing your man like this when you can always find clothes that make you look naturally beautiful and sexy no matter what size you are at that point of your life. So, I say no to this designers’ invention, and I’d rather wait until I lose another 10 pounds to wear my little black dress. My reward would be to see my husband’s admiration all night when he’d take me out to romantic fancy date night!

Drop 15 lbs. When I’ll hit this milestone I would arrange a photo shoot for myself. Being photographer myself I know what it means for a self esteem to have a nice professional photo shoot taken, in fact, I think, every girl should have one at least once a year, no need to be skinny model for that, it’s a photographer’s job to make you look hot regardless of your weight. Having a shoot taken has nothing to do with a narcissism, it just helps to improve our confidence, and once we are confident and happy, it makes everyone around us even happier! Most of the time extra weight can push our self perception into the dark corners of our minds, and we feel there’s no point of even applying a make up since we can’t look gorgeous at every point of our appearance. Weight becomes first and foremost criteria of our look. However we get so cut up in it that we don’t realize that we can look stylish and beautiful, and sexy, and hot no matter how much weight we gain. Granted, perhaps we can’t wear the same mini skirts as we did before, but that’s not the only type of clothes there is. You can always find new style that compliments your natural forms, and little accessories that hide vices and showcase your beauty. The main point is not to give up on yourself. If you start to feel that your man is not as attracted to you as he was before, stop and think, does he really? Or perhaps it’s just your perception because you are too harsh on yourself. I personally see no problem with a little bit of constructive critical self outlook, however your man did not run when you gained few extra pounds, and did not give you a gym membership as a Christmas gift. With the only exception if you actually asked for it, that would make him very shallow man, and that, as Liz Lemon from 30 Rock would say, is a deal breaker, ladies! No man in his right mind would ever tell his lady that she looks chunky and need to start to lose weight, however it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t wish you would. Not because he feels any less attracted to you or wishes to have Eva Mendes by his side, but simply because he remembers the way you were confident and happy before. In the end it all comes back to our perception of ourselves. Let’s imagine, you lose weight, what do you do? You go shopping! You get yourself new hot sexy lingerie just because you want to treat yourself and feel confident enough to wear one. You come home and start to showcase it to your man. I’ll let your imagination to paint the rest of the picture. What happens next? Your relationship improve on so many levels simply because of your boost of self image!

Stay confident, ladies!

Yours truly,

— Vita (:


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