Meet Vita

6 Mar

Howdy there!

If I’d be asked to describe myself in three relevant to weight loss points than it probably would be this, I’m 28 years old, I’m six feet tall, and I’m Russian. You may ask why these points per se? Allow me to elaborate :)

Well, first of all, age is known to play a major role in weight loss. At a younger age, it’s much easier to lose weight because your metabolism is like a workaholic on the Red Bull who dreams of promotion, and even though I think that at the age of 28 my metabolism is still pretty functional, I already started to notice signs of slowing down and a general feeling that it is not the same as it was even ten years ago. What happened to a good old days when you could party all night, having shots after shots after shots, dancing on the highest heels, go to sleep at 5:00 a.m. and wake up two hours later fresh as ever and run to class?  Nowadays I have to watch what I’m drinking, vodka and tequila shots got substituted with daiquiris and mojitos, and the volume of alcohol got carefully cut down to avoid the curse of headache and puffy eyes in the morning. Staying up passed 12:00 a.m. seems like an unnecessary sacrifice now that the thought of a fluffy cozy bed is more appealing than any good time out. And having anything less than eight hours of solid sleep is simply unacceptable. Not that I’m complaining, not at all, it’s not in my nature! :) However I realized that it’s very important to listen to your body and be prepared for changes ahead, make these necessary adjustments in everyday habits now so that I won’t wake up ten years from now surprised that it’s even harder to lose weight.

Now, as I mentioned before I am six feet tall. All my life I have heard the same phrase, “Well, even if you gain a few pounds it’s still won’t be noticeable because you are tall!” If you live with this assumption all your life the border line of your weight perception gets blurred out. You tell yourself after a while that you are still tall, and this “little excess” weight you are carrying around is excusable due to your height. That is a real unfortunate vice of a tall girl.

And last, but not least, a variable of weight loss is my having deep Russian heritage. And to me Russian traditions go, contrary to popular beliefs, not into drinking vodka, but into food. I can’t help myself, but I love eating. I enjoy it, everything about food excites me. I can spend more time in grocery supermarkets than I’d spend in the department stores shopping for clothes. I get more excited if I see great deal on the roast beef rather than 75% off deal on the pair of new shoes. I can spend an hour in the spices section, or even couple hours in the dinnerware store. I hunt for new recipes and love the whole process of food preparation. I was brought up by my grandma’s traditions, and boy did she cook! I could call her forty minutes in advance telling her I’d stop by for a lunch between my classes and when I’d come over I’d see dinner table with at least five different main dishes ready! I don’t know how she did it on such a short notice, but the table would be full of appetizers, main courses, desserts, and snacks to take to go. I’d eat just a little bit and be full already, and yet she’d still pack the whole bag of left overs that I’d be eating another week. She was diabetic, and since she was not allowed by her doctors to eat much, especially sweets, I think that’s why she just enjoyed cooking and seeing other people enjoying the food she made. I definitely got the food appreciation from her. I remember when I was a little booger kid she was teaching me her little secrets of cooking, how different ingredients combined can create magic, and one can balance and compliment another. Needless to say I knew how to cook since I was in the tender age of 10, and by 15 I had been already cooking most complicated Russian recipes, however there wasn’t a single time in my life that I could proudly say I topped my grandma’s recipes. I also was fortunate enough to marry a man with a 100% Spaniard heritage,and  that’s where our traditions of food appreciation meet. What do we do in our spare time together? Cook! We tune into our favorite classic rock radio station and we cook. He loves my borsch and baking; I love his paella and sea food.

As you can see, cooking always have been part of my life. Although I have to mention two details, first, I have never had a sweet tooth. I’d rather have a whole dinner plate than a piece of cake. Doesn’t mean I don’t eat it, I do enjoy dessert once in a while, like a flan or a red velvet cupcake. But these types of cravings only happen once every two or three months. You see, in my family every cup of coffee or a tea was accompanied by 2 to 3 spoons of sugar. When I was about 12 years old, my father sat me down, put a plate in front of me and asked me, “How many cups of tea do you drink a day?” “About 4 to 5,” I answered him. “There it goes”, he said, and started to pour 15 tea spoons of sugar onto the plate. Soon enough, I saw a pretty substantial hill of sugar in front of me. “There,” he said, “that’s how much sugar you intake a day!” After that dramatic experiment, sugar disappeared from my every day eating habbits, unless it is in some sort of sweets once in a while. But since we are talking about unhealthy habits, I have to admit, I do smoke. Even though I do admit it’s the most unhealthy thing I could do to myself, which I do work on breaking, this particular habit helps me not to eat between my meals. It never even crossed my mind before I started to discuss my habits with Michelle, but cigarettes do substitute snacks between the meals. I usually have a very, and I mean VERY generous breakfast. I consider everything with eggs a breakfast. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s last night’s dinner’s leftovers, I will break couple eggs over it and eat it all. :) That usually lasts me without any snacks till the lunch, and that’s when I’d have something substantial as well, but the trick this time is to eat the food without feeling sleepy afterwards. That’s a challenge! And my big vice is to have a dinner somewhere around eight in the evening, no matter how hard I tried it’s physically not possible with our schedules to have dinner earlier.

I guess that’s how I can characterize myself in this weight loss battle. I’m still young, but started to be aware about my body’s behavior; I smoke, and do not like sweets; I’m tall, and for a long time I thought of it as an excuse for indulging myself in eating; I’m Russian and I love good hearty soul food; and I’m married to a man who shares my passion for a food. Yep, that’s all me.

— Vita :)


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