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Two Neighbors Walk into a Grocery Store…

28 Feb

Welcome to Diet Drop, a blog about dropping traditional diet methods in favor of healthy choices that work for picky eaters and busy people. We want to drop some weight without using dieting methods that have not worked for us in the past. Because we’re neighbors and friends, we’re launching this blog to help us support each other, maintain motivation and consistency, and to have fun sharing recipes and struggles with this weight loss project.

Let us introduce ourselves: We are Michelle and Vita. We lived next door to each other for a year before we realized that we were destined to become best friends. Since we both work from home sitting at computers all day, we’ve found ourselves frustrated with weight gain sneaking up on us. The other day, we went to the ice rink together (Michelle figure skates for fun exercise and Vita is a photographer) and then stopped at the grocery store on the way home. While we were picking up some snacks and coffee, we started talking about friends of ours who were giving up certain foods for Lent. “Yeah, I should give up bread for a month,” Michelle said. “Let’s take it further than that,” said Vita.

During the next week, we’ll share with you our starting weigh-in numbers and our separate profiles describing our separate reasons for disliking certain diet methods. Some dieting methods, for example, cause negative emotional responses (Michelle won’t count calories), while other methods seem to set you up for failure (super-strict meal plans bring out the rebel in Vita). We’ll also be posting daily updates on what we’re eating (including recipes), how we’re exercising, and whether we’ve fallen off the no-bread-or-dessert wagon. You’ll get the good and the bad, and hopefully you’ll find problems and solutions you can identify with. Every day is filled with a different set of choices of what to eat depending on what you’re doing that day. And every setback is a challenge to maintain a good sense of humor and self. We’ll keep this up as long as it takes to reach our weight-loss goals, and we hope you’ll enjoy coming along for the ride.

Yours truly,

Michelle and Vita

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